Sleep apnea is a serious health condition demanding treatment. Most doctors recommend getting started with continuous positive airway pressure therapy as soon as possible after your diagnosis. Sleep apnea puts you at risk of developing kidney disease, stroke, and diabetes. If, despite knowing the consequences of not using your prescribed CPAP machine, you’re having a tough time committing to your sleep apnea therapy, you’re not alone. Studies have shown that getting people to use their CPAP machines and stick out therapy with their sleep apnea masks is tough. Many people give up treatment all together, but why?

Why Do People Dislike Their CPAP Therapy?

With the whirring of the CPAP machine, a hose that acts like a ball and chain, and a hot, plastic mask, the traditional CPAP system can feel like a science fiction torture device. Although some people adore their CPAP therapy and the energy it’s brought back into their lives, some can’t handle things like exhaling against the CPAP pressure level or hearing small air leaks. Some sleep apnea sufferers just want to throw out their CPAP machine so that they’ll have more space next to their bed!

The Airing Micro CPAP

Steven A. Marsh is an incredible inventor who’s worked with The National Health Institute and has over 75 patents to his credit. He’s created the Airing Micro CPAP machine, a CPAP system that hopes to be the future of sleep apnea treatment. This innovative product is said to be quite comfortable and won’t be subject to air leaks like standard CPAP masks.

The Airing Micro CPAP is worn much like nasal pillows but without any straps or headgear. It uses battery powered micro pumps to maintain positive pressures in your airway, keeping your windpipe wide open and you free from the health consequences of sleep apnea.

This developing product is small, only about one to two inches and works without a hose, a sleep apnea mask, or even a machine. It’s battery lasts about eight hours so nothing will keep you tied down at home. With the lasting battery and small stature, the Airing Micro CPAP can easily be tossed into your day bag and give you the freedom to go wherever the day takes you.

Is this Micro CPAP Available to Purchase?

Although the Airing Micro CPAP is not available for purchase just yet, it’s hoping to be approved by the FDA and out for sale soon. Currently, the developers of this novel take on sleep apnea treatment are asking for donations and contributions to the further development of the Airing on Since June 2015, people interested in seeing this product tackle sleep apnea have invested over one million dollars to the project. On the site, you can contribute to the project financially and will be rewarded with the promise of an Airing Micro CPAP of your very own once they’re ready for sale. Things are looking great for Airing and for sleep apnea sufferers who just cannot tolerate CPAP therapy.

Until you’re able to purchase an Airing of your own, you’ll need to do your very best to adhere to your CPAP machine therapy. The health care professionals at would love to hear from you and help you get your CPAP therapy going right away. They’ll help you find the most comfortable sleep apnea mask style and CPAP machine for your very personal treatment. Don’t let sleep apnea wreak havoc on your health later, take action today.