After finally finding the perfect CPAP mask style to treat your sleep apnea, you’ll likely still run into a few bumps on the road to successful therapy. If you’re a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure therapy user who takes advantage of the benefits provided by a full face mask, waking with mask lines and marks on your face probably happens more often than you’d like. These marks are generally harmless, but can be embarrassing for sleep apnea sufferers who must spend the first few hours of their day with red marks on the bridge of their nose. Even worse, these marks can occasionally be sore and tender making uninterrupted therapy a bother.

Continuing CPAP therapy is an essential part of treating sleep apnea, a breathing disorder with serious health consequences such as kidney disease and stroke. When embarrassing mask lines and sore marks on your nose become an issue, what are you supposed to do in order to continue your treatment?

What’s the Big Deal with CPAP Marks?

Overtime, the moisture and oils in your skin erode the soft silicone material that makes up your sleep apnea mask. This erosion causes your equipment to degrade and costs you more money in the long run. More seriously, this erosion also contributes to skin breakdown, a serious adverse effect of using a sleep apnea mask. Skin breakdown can lead to infections or even deep tissue injury. The embarrassment caused by waking in the morning with lines on your face is one thing to take lightly, but the potential for bodily harm is not something to ignore.

Mask Liner/Cushion Options

The solution to this issue of skin and CPAP mask breakdown is the use of CPAP mask liners and cushions available at most CPAP supply retailers. These liners, like ResMed’s “Gecko Nasal Pad” are hypoallergenic and soft enough to promote personal comfort when secured to the bridge of your nose. Many of these products even promote healing of skin that has already been damaged by a CPAP mask, an important action against the development of skin infections. On top of protecting your skin, most CPAP mask cushions create strong seals against your face, removing the potential for mask leaks even when you’re tossing and turning in your bed at night.

Alternate CPAP Mask Options

Although most sleep apnea mask users find that CPAP mask liners are enough to keep their sleep apnea treatment comfortable, some people still prefer investing in an alternate CPAP mask style altogether. SleepWeaver has created a fabulous alternative to the traditional plastic sleep apnea mask by fashioning their Élan mask out of a durable yet comfortable cloth. This CPAP mask is generally used with custom built mask liners designed to create an airtight seal and comfortable treatment experience. This versatile mask is also available in three sizes, so you can be sure that you’re investing in the perfect fit for your facial shape.

Comfortable CPAP Mask Options are Available

A superior sleep apnea supply store should always offer comfortable mask solutions such as liners, cushions, or alternate sleep apnea mask styles. The health care professionals at are standing by to aid your search for comfortable and quality CPAP treatment options. Their passionate staff believe that discomfort should never stop you from getting the health care you deserve. Check out their site today.