Yeah, yeah, sleep apnea is serious. If you’re one of the millions of Americans suffering from sleep apnea, you’ve likely heard all about the grave consequences of not treating your condition. If you haven’t heard, your risk of being diagnosed with diabetes, kidney disease, high blood pressure, and stroke are much higher when you opt out of sleep apnea treatment.

Although continuous positive airway pressure therapy is painless and effective for treating sleep apnea, many of those suffering from the medical condition are ashamed. They’re frustrated with having a breathing problem and sick of having to use a bothersome CPAP machine,.

For CPAP users trying to meet people or even date, the thought of telling a new partner about their need for treatment can be terrifying. Won’t people be scared off by the machine, tubing, and complicated looking sleep apnea mask?

Finding Someone Who Cares About You and Your Sleep Apnea Too

First things first, if you tell the person you’re dating about your CPAP machine and they’re rude or extremely uncomfortable, question whether or not they’re the best partner for you. When you let someone know about you sleep apnea machine, they should be pleased to know that you think taking care of your health is important. And it is important: it means you care about yourself and you can care about someone else too.

Initially, there’s not necessarily any need to bring up your treatment. Sure, you’ve got sleep apnea, but that isn’t as important as sharing your passions, dreams, and goals with potential dates.

While you get to know your new partner, there’s no reason you can’t put your CPAP system in the closet and shut the door for now.

When you do bring up your treatment for the first time, discuss it causally and be open to answering your friend’s questions. You participate in treatment because you want to sleep well, stay healthy, and feel energetic enough to be adventurous and fun. Anyone worth your time and affection will not only tolerate your treatment but be an active supporter on your journey to health.

Sex and Sleep Apnea

The biggest downside for sleep apnea sufferers who are newly dating might be that when left untreated, sleep apnea can destroy your sex life. CPAP machine use solves and prevents sexual dysfunction in men and women. If there’s ever a reason to treat your sleep apnea, sexual performance could be the biggest reason of all for the romantically involved. For those with sleep apnea, CPAP machine treatment means better sex.

Finding the Right Equipment

In order to make your sleep apnea therapy the most tolerable for everyone involved, consider investing in some of the CPAP machines described for their quiet motors. Philip’s Respironics System One Remstar CPAP machine is known as one of the quietest machines on the market, as is the AirSense10 and the Transcend. Another way to keep your therapy restful for your partner is by choosing a properly fitted mask  so that there aren’t loud air leaks blowing from the edges of your mask. If you’ve already purchased your mask, nasal pads work great at stopping air leaks from the bridge of your nose. You can find these CPAP comfort accessories, as well quiet CPAP machines at