For the adventurous, sleep apnea therapy can seem like a prison. You want to travel, camp, or have spontaneous overnights with friends, but without your continuous positive airway machine, you’re likely to sleep restlessly or not at all. After committing to CPAP therapy, the thought of going without it can be scary. You know that your CPAP machine keeps you healthy and prevents all sorts of serious illnesses, but can you really live the life you’ve dreamed of having while continue your CPAP therapy?

You Can be Adventurous and Use Your CPAP Machine

Camping away from home might seem absolutely impossible if you’re suffering from sleep apnea and using a CPAP machine for your treatment. Each part of your CPAP machine might seem restrictive: Your head is strapped to what feels like deep sea diving equipment when you want to take a stroll on the beach. The reality is that there are plenty of options to keep you out in the wild, camping, traveling, and using your CPAP without instant access to a electrical outlet.

Use Your CPAP Unplugged has some excellent options for turning any CPAP machine into a wireless piece of equipment. Somnetics is a company committed to the production of quality sleep apnea equipment. They make excellent CPAP machines as well as battery options for your spontaneous side. With their

Transcend P4 Overnight Battery, you’ll have 9 hours of freedom from electricity as well as your everyday routine. For longer stays away from home, Transcend P8 Multi-Night Battery might be right up your alley. You can use either of these battery packs with any CPAP machine or with Somnetics’s

Transcend EZEX  CPAP machine, a sleep apnea treatment machine weighing less than a pound, making travel a breeze.

Human Design Medial has an excellent line of sleep apnea products, their most travel worthy being the HDM Z1 CPAP machine. This machine is ten ounces and available with a rechargeable lithium ion battery that can provide up to 13 hours of charge.

Care of Your CPAP Machine

As always, the cleanliness and care of your CPAP machine and sleep apnea equipment are both very important. We suggest ensuring that your CPAP equipment is kept in a separate back pack or bag with a seal than your other camping or traveling gear. By keeping your sleep apnea equipment separate from everything else, you’re creating less opportunities for dirt, sand, or any other environmental damage from befalling your CPAP machine.

Using cleaning wipes made for CPAP masks available at, is the quickest and safest way to keep your sleep apnea mask from degrading or getting dirty on your overnight adventures.

Where to Find Travel CPAP Supplies

Online at you’ll find all the great products from Somnetics and HDM mentioned in this article, as well as hundreds of other products to complete your sleep apnea therapy both with and without electricity. This online CPAP supply store was created and continues to be staffed by respiratory health care professionals. Their aim is to provide you with the best advice and products to meet your sleep apnea treatment needs. Their mission is to keep your CPAP treatment continuous and to keep you living your life the way you prefer. With the products sold at their excellent online storefront, you’ll be as adventurous and spontaneous as ever.