Four Hygiene Facts to Keep You Safe

Fact One:
Did you know that your hands can spread germs. Yes, they are germ machines. So, make sure that you are cleaning your hands regularly and that your visitors are too. Put out hand sanitizers and liquid dispensers with soap to encourage healthy cleansing.
Fact Two:
Alcohol-based hand sanitizer does not create antibiotic-resistant superbugs.
Although alcohol-based hand sanitizers kill germs quickly and in a different way than antibiotics. Using alcohol-based hand sanitizers to clean your hands does not cause antibiotic resistance.
Fact Three:
Even if you clean your hands before preparing or eating food alcohol-based hand sanitizer does not kill C. difficile.
Clostridium difficile or “C.diff” is a common healthcare-associated infection that causes severe diarrhea.
Fact Four:
Your kids and visitors may infect a surface even after you have already disinfected the area such as a countertop or table.

Ask your loved ones to clean their hands.
Protect your loved ones and be safe!

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