How to Lose Weight Even When Diabetic

Diabetes is a metabolic disease in which a diabetic person has high levels of sugar in the blood for two reasons first is that the body cannot produce insulin or the cells in the body cannot respond to insulin. There are two types of Diabetes, namely type I-DM and type II-DM, type I- Diabetes Mellitus patients are those who cannot produce insulin and type II-Diabetes Mellitus patients are those who can produce insulin but their cells cannot recognize insulin. Diabetes is known to have the triad symptoms of polydipsia (increased thirst), polyphagia (increased hunger) and polyuria( increased urination). Here comes the problem, with polyphagia, a diabetic patient has increased appetite which results to adding up of weight.

There are three solutions in the treatment of diabetes depending on the type of diabetes. Type I- diabetes mellitus patients should have the following three: proper diets, insulin and exercise. For people with Type II- Diabetes, they need to have proper diet, oral hypoglycemic agents and exercise. With these interventions varying from each type, then diabetes can be controlled.
In diabetic patients, controlling weight is important but a diabetic patient should be guided in the dos and don’ts of losing weight. Here are four simple steps to acquire weight loss without compromising your health.

STEP 1: DETERMINE YOUR GOALS. Determine how much weight you wanted to lose, what should you do to achieve your goals, is it time-bounded and achievable, have you consulted your doctor to pursue what you wanted.
STEP 2: CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR. Whether you are a type1 or a type2 diabetic patient, you should consult your doctor on which actions are proper, especially in the intake of your medications. Untreated diabetes has its effects, one of which is increasing hunger, a part of the triad symptoms. When appetite is on the verge it always goes with increase in pounds. Another effect is dehydration due to polyuria or frequent urination. Never miss your maintenance of insulin or oral hypoglycemic agents. You should be monitored by your doctor, because as you lose weight your need for insulin changes. You should be in constant contact with your physician.
STEP 3: ASK FOR A REFERRAL TO A DIETICIAN. For people who lose weight, fiber is needed by the body every day. It helps in controlling your appetite and lower sugar levels. A dietitian is needed to make meal plans on which should provide you good nutrition while keeping the right blood sugar levels even every day. The dietitian’s knowledge is needed for they know which foods should be taken because there are types of food that digest fast and some are slow, every food type varies at different rates. Remember your caloric need should be determined by a dietitian. A dietitian’s role is to make you a meal plan and find foods that are appealing for your taste buds.
STEP 4: EXERCISE THE RIGHT WAY. Exercise is always important for a diabetic patient; it is necessarily to control weight. Exercise gives the benefit of decreasing stress and increasing calorie burn. Exercise makes way in the process of insulin and improves circulation, preventing slow healing of wounds which will further lead to amputation. Other benefits of exercise include building muscles, burning of fat, helping body store glucose properly. Exercise can make you

even feel better and relaxed.

Always consult your physician before begin any diet or exercise regimen.

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