Might My Sleep Apnea Be Genetic?

 If you’ve been snoring at night, you may want to evaluate your risk factors for having or developing sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a medical condition characterized by periods of suspended breathing that can occur up to hundreds of times a night. Your weight, age, and race all play a part in the development in this condition as does your family’s health history. All of this may lead you to wonder: is sleep apnea genetic?

Sleep Apnea and Your Family’s Health History

Available medical information points to the certainty that there’s a genetic component to sleep apnea. If someone in your family has been diagnosed with the disorder, it may be time to  ask your doctor about your personal risk factors. Obesity, heart disease, and snoring also play a role in sleep apnea. If you’ve got any of these issues along with a family history of sleep apnea, you’re at risk.

The Relationship Between Your Weight and Sleep Apnea

There is without a doubt a connection between sleep apnea and obesity. In fact, over half of those with sleep apnea are also obese. Because it is known that obesity seems to run in the family, doctors also often categorize sleep apnea as a hereditary disorder.

There are mountains of studies showing the genetic component to obesity and this alone may explain sleep apnea in many cases. Too much fat around the neck and throat interfere with a person’s ability to keep a patent airway, leading to upper respiratory obstruction throughout the night. Does being overweight seem to run in your family? Are you showing any symptoms of sleep apnea? If so, talk to your primary health care provider about a possible diagnosis.

 Sleep Apnea Therapy Works

Whether your sleep apnea is hereditary or you’re the black sheep of the family, remember that a diagnosis with the condition isn’t the end of the world. Treatment for sleep apnea is effective, painless, and easy to get acquainted with. If you’re diagnosed, your physician will likely prescribe ycontinuous positive airway pressure therapy via a CPAP machine. When it’s time to purchase your medical equipment, visit a reliable respiratory health supply store online or in person. Don’t be intimated by your treatment options, let a sleep apnea expert help get you started. While you can’t control your genetics, you can control your therapy and ultimately, your good health.