Music to Help You Sleep

Sleep apnea sufferers are likely familiar with sleeping problems. Whether you were suffering from constant waking, and trouble falling back asleep, before continuous positive airway pressure therapy, or you’ve developed sleeping difficulties while struggling to grow accustomed to your CPAP machine, sleeping troubles are no joke. Some CPAP users find creative ways to encourage a relaxed rest, tricks like using the ramp feature on their machine, avoiding caffeine during the day, and eating a small snack before bed. Others use soothing music to fall asleep, a technique found to be helpful in sleep apnea sufferers and regular old insomniacs alike.

Music Improves Quality and Quantity of Sleep

Research shows that using music at night to help you fall asleep can improve both the quality of your sleep and the number of hours spent in restorative bliss. The best part of using music to fall asleep? There’s no side effects. Those suffering from insomnia may be tempted to try sleeping medications right off the bat, however, sleeping medications aren’t without side effects. These medications may cause daytime drowsiness, changes in appetite, and constipation.

Using Music to Help You Sleep

Start by choosing soft music with no more than sixty beats per minute. This includes much classical music, light jazz, and music made for meditation. Sleep experts suggest listening to music that doesn’t evoke any strong emotional responses, whether those responses are positive or negative.

Plan to listen for about forty-five minutes. Studies show that this is about the normal time it takes to get the best effects of musical therapy. Go to bed a little bit earlier and refrain from feeling discouraged if sleep doesn’t arrive immediately. Remind yourself that sleep may take some time to improve, as much as three weeks in some cases.

Sleep Still Not Improving?

Get in touch with your primary health care provider if you are still having problems sleeping. It may be that you need a sleep study or to see a sleep specialist, like those at Advanced Sleep Therapy. We’re dedicated to getting you the best sleep of your life because better sleep means better health.