New in CPAP Masks: The Eson II

Maintaining adherence to your sleep apnea treatment isn’t always easy. While your doctor sets the right pressure for your treatment, it’s up to you to choose which mask style works best for your body. To the majority of CPAP users, picking the best mask for therapy is the most important step in getting treatment started and sticking to it.

What’s New is CPAP Masks?

While not necessarily classified under new technology, there is a new way of looking at CPAP masks. More than ever, medical supply companies are encouraging their customers to take some time to get a mask that fits just right. Mask leakage leading to dry eyes, discomfort, or ineffective treatment is a huge contributor to discontinuing CPAP therapy.

On, you’ll find a wide variety of masks ranging from nasal masks, full-face masks, masks for women, and even pediatric masks. Some adults with small features have been known to try pediatric masks and love them!

Which Masks Are Superior?

When it comes to your health, you don’t want to mess around. It’s better to pick a quality mask first so that your continuous positive airway pressure therapy works immediately. Technological advancements in sleep apnea therapy are happening quickly, and since CPAP masks are benefiting, you are as well. The Eson II is a top of the line CPAP mask made by Fisher and Paykel. It’s built with Rollfit Seal technology, an advancement in design which lessens air leaks and delivers the most effective seal.

The Eson II comes in three sizes with an easy to use frame and an intuitive head gear system. A VisiBlue lighting system is incorporated into the mask components, making it easy to identify key mask features, disassemble, and reassemble this equipment.

At, we trust Fisher and Paykel with building durable, quality products for our customers. Fisher and Paykel has been designing healthcare equipment for decades and shows no signs of putting a stop to innovating state of the art sleep apnea treatment supplies.