Sleep Deprivation Causes Anxiety, Weight Gain, Depression and Often OSA

Some individuals suffer from weight gain with mild to severe depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, and stiffness in the joints and tendons. While weight gain is dangerous on its own, combined with sleep deprivation it can be horrible and here is why.

Fatigue from sleep deprivation can lead to Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), not to mention, fatigue has severe results on the skin, and makes it appear dry and pale, thus, adding years to your appearance.

When your sleep deprived you might tend to get up in the middle of the night and eat without consciously realizing that you are doing this, thus adding to your weight gain.

Depression can be due to the anxiety in your everyday life causing the deficit within your sleeping pattern leading up to OSA. Your mind will perform better after a good night’s sleep. Reasonably sleep-deprived patients show increased activity in the parietal lobe of the mind which is accountable for memory. Studies have been carried out that present that for sleep-deprived patients, music soothes them back to sleep. Keeping a strict workout routine is also an excellent way to redirect the thoughts from disastrous pondering towards creating an extra calm and optimistic perspective.

Sleep deprivation can also affect interpersonal relationships. Certain treatments such as counseling are quite expensive and undesirable possibility for many people. Practicing meditation techniques for CPAP newcomers can help them with getting some deep sleep, which will, in turn, help the relationship.

If we find ourselves waking within the wee small hours and we battle to get again to sleep we’re better off getting up and performing some light reading in a delicate lit room with a warm glass of milk but limit yourself to the milk!

Brief time period sleep deprivation causes little bodily hurt because the body compensates for the lack of sleep by rising its adrenaline levels in the course of the day. It is because such people have abnormally low levels of melatonin (a hormone that induces sleep) and excessive levels of stress hormones.

Sleep deprivation is a common situation due to the truth that all of us reside in a society that’s on the go twenty-four hours a day.

Recognizing you’re sleep deprived is step one.  If you think you are having issues with sleep please visit your physician who will order a sleep study to determine if you require CPAP therapy. The team at Advanced Sleep Therapy will be waiting to assist you with setting up your CPAP machine and supplies so that you can get back to enjoying life.

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