Will My CPAP Machine Keep Me From Sleeping Comfortably?

Finding out you that have sleep apnea and need to use a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure device, or a CPAP machine, can be intimidating. Many people avoid treatment due to the fear that their CPAP system will be complicated or that they won’t be able to sleep with their CPAP mask in place.

In reality, modern CPAP devices, such as the “auto adjusting CPAP machines” made by AirSense and ResMed, are simple and easy to use. In most cases, the CPAP system is made up of only three parts: a CPAP machine, one segment of tubing or hose, and a sleep apnea mask.

If you have sleep apnea, it’s important to start CPAP treatment in and avoid developing severe conditions like renal disease, diabetes, or stroke. Still, it’s also important to rest comfortably, and the idea of sleeping with an unfamiliar device can be understandably difficult to get used to.

The Right CPAP Devices Will Improve Your Sleep

At first, some CPAP users say that they’re terrified of moving around too much while wearing their mask. The exciting news is that not only are there several ways to get a good night’s rest while using a CPAP, your sleep apnea therapywill result in a much better rest in the long run.

Start by ensuring you have purchased a quality device and mask that will fit your needs. When your device arrives, take plenty of time to study your system’s manual so that you have a familiar understanding of how to properly secure the CPAP mask to your face. A properly fitted mask is an important step to prevent sores, chaffing, or mask slippage throughout the night.

Practice wearing your mask during the day and try different positions before you’re too tired or easily frustrated to experiment in the evening. Find a firm surface to rest your machine on, and make sure that there is enough length in the CPAP hose for adjusting in the night. This will prevent you from having to rearrange your entire CPAP system every time you move or get up.

Contoured CPAP Pillows Make Therapy Comfortable

Although many find that sleeping on their back is just fine with their regular home pillow, most CPAP users grow bored of this position and need other options. Some say they’re able to sleep on their sides but find it difficult, and for most, sleeping on their stomach seems impossible.

The use of a specially fashioned CPAP pillow, like the CPAP Max Pillow, has large semi-circles on either side allowing space for a CPAP mask and its’ associated tubing to lay on the bed. This deliberate design allows even those accustomed to sleeping on their stomach to lay comfortably and prevents frustrating air leaks and mask disconnections. A superior CPAP pillow should be made with Fiberfill foam, a material used in memory foam mattresses, and also have sizing options that adjust for the individual user.

At BreatheeasyCPAP.com you’ll find the CPAP Max Pillow as well as all your other Continuous Positive Airway Pressure needs. The respiratory therapists and nurses behind our company believe that you should have varied options and excellent prices so that you’ll get the most out of your sleep apnea treatment.