In a modern world where everything fits in the palm of your hand, it’s not surprising just how many programs web developers have created for our phones. No matter where you are, you’re able to track your calories, footsteps taken, cash spent, and even the status of your friendships. It shouldn’t be shocking to know that with the right applications, you can also track your sleep apnea.

Since eighteen million Americans suffer from sleep apnea, it’s only fitting that some of these tech savvy users are looking for the best way to sync their continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP, use with their smartphones. To learn more, read below and see just what these groundbreaking applications can do for you.

What Can a CPAP Smartphone App Do For Me?

Before the dawn of smartphone apps, most CPAP machines relied on their “SD” cards to keep track of user data. This SD card was small and could be removed from the CPAP machine and then uploaded to your computer. Once uploaded, this information could be sent to your respiratory therapist or physician. Although most machines still use SD cards to store data, smartphones applications are quickly becoming the preferred choice of handling this information.

Although you’re already dying to run off and download one of these great applications, let’s take a look at what they do for you. Philips Respironics, HDM, and a few other major CPAP engineering companies have developed smartphone applications to use with your therapy. These apps measure how often you’re using your CPAP device, how long you’re sleeping each night, your prescribed pressure setting, and the number of breathless episodes you experience nightly.

How Your Doctor (and You) Will Use the Info

Smartphone applications that measure breaths and and provide data on your CPAP use aren’t just fun party tricks. This information can be a valuable part of your therapy, helping you stay committed to treatment by watching your progress and paying attention to just how often your CPAP machine keeps you breathing. The creators of these applications say that they help keep patients compliant. They’re sticking to their treatment and discussing their issues with their health care providers.

Doctors use the information gathered from these applications to determine if a person’s prescribed pressure level is adequate or whether or not they’d benefit from an increase in pressure. And because they can tell whether or not their patient has truly been wearing their sleep apnea mask at night, doctors can use these applications to remind their patients to keep up the good work. By proving accessible information to both you and your doctor, these applications keep everyone on the same page.

Where Can I Find a CPAP Smartphone Application?

These applications come by many names, but you’ll be satisfied with Nitelog by HDM or SleepMapper by Philip’s Respironics. You can find these apps, along with several others, wherever you purchase your smartphone applications. Your doctor or respiratory therapist may also have suggestions. If you’re new to CPAP treatment, start by investing in quality sleep apnea equipment from The health care professionals at this online store can help you find the perfect CPAP machine for you and your data tracking.