Those who treat their sleep apnea with Continuous Positive Airways Pressure, or CPAP therapy, experience improvements in their quality of life immediately. They put an end to their snoring, experience restful sleep and find peace of mind knowing that their treatment decreases the risk of developing serious, long term health problems.

However, knowing how beneficial CPAP treatment is doesn’t change the fact that many people feel overwhelmed and tethered by their therapy. Sometimes this feeling of being chained to your CPAP device makes you feel as though following your more adventurous passions, like traveling or even staying a night away from home, are out of the question.

Plan Ahead to Make Traveling Easier

At first glance, CPAP machines and their sleep apnea masks, tubing, and adapters might seem complex. How could you possibly get all those bits and pieces anywhere?

Our suggestion is to avoid getting anxious about the process and think concretely. Start by making a list of all the components to your machine. In most cases, there should only be a few things to keep track of. Count on bringing your CPAP machine, CPAP mask, the hose that connects your mask to the machine, and your humidifier, if you have one.

Ensure that you’ve cleaned and dried all your components before packing so they don’t mold while put away. If you’re planning to bring your CPAP warm air humidifier, pack a few small bottles of distilled water. Once it’s time to pack your items, collect any cords together and wrap them nicely with a rubber band or a bread tie. Place all of the parts to your CPAP system in a clean gym bag or a CPAP travel bag.

Power Options for Traveling With Your CPAP

Technology has done many wonderful things for modern humanity, but, like everything else, it’s prone to failure. For this reason, many sleep specialists and CPAP retailers suggest traveling with a few extra items whenever you can afford it. Bringing along another CPAP mask or second power cord will prevent neglecting to use your machine because a piece of your equipment stopped working.

You may also consider buying one of ResMed‘s battery packs so that you can use your CPAP while you snooze on a plane or sleep in a tent. No matter which items you decide to travel with, make sure that you check with the Transportation Security Administration’s website for a few helpful hints on flying with you machine if you’ll be traveling by air. Tips like making sure to pack your CPAP in your carry-on will help get you where you’re going a lot easier.

Look for a CPAP Machine Known For It’s Small Size

Modern CPAP systems have improved from their predecessors in countless ways, and if traveling is an important part of your life, you’ll be excited to know that CPAP machines have gotten much smaller than they once were. The Transcend made by Somnetics International and the HDM Z1 are two great CPAP options notable for their lightweight, compact, and easy to use styles.

Created by respiratory therapists, physicians, and nurses, is an excellent online CPAP retailer. They’re experienced in helping sleep apnea sufferers start shopping for their CPAP travel needs. At their site, you’ll find the right CPAP machine and sleep apnea mask for your journey and the rest of your life too.