Why Should I Use a CPAP Humidifier?

Continuous positive airway pressure therapy, or CPAP therapy, is an imperative part to treating your sleep apnea and avoiding the long-term health risks of this condition such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and even kidney disease. CPAP use will also help you get a better night’s sleep and help eliminate snoring as well as excessive fatigue.

Despite the real comfort CPAP machines provide, users sometimes experience nasal congestion or a dry nose and mouth. This is because forced air delivered through your CPAP mask can be irritating to the mucosal lining of your nose which causes swelling and excess mucous production, both of which contribute to nasal congestion. The irritation also promotes the breeding of infectious organisms who in turn create even more mucous and swelling! This obvious discomfort is frustrating. No wonder so many find it tough to adhere to their sleep apnea treatment!

How can we keep up with treatment while feeling comfortable? This is where CPAP humidifiers come in.

Here’s How a CPAP Humidifier Can Help You

While they’re available in both heated and non-heated, we tend to prefer the heated CPAP humidifiers. That’s because the warmth of heated humidifiers tend to be more relaxing than the non-heated variations while still moistening all delivered air. This prevents the drying of the nose’s mucous membranes and decreases uncomfortable nasal symptoms while reducing the chance of infection.

Studies show that heated humidifiers are especially important in sleep apnea suffers over sixty. Still, we recommend them to all of our clients. Why? Because comfort increases compliance, and we want you to use your CPAP as much as possible.

When using your humidifier, check the operating instructions for information on the best choices for filling the water tank. Many humidifiers are not well-suited for tap water and should only be filled with distilled.

The nurses, respiratory therapists, and physicians on our sleep treatment team believe that your sleep apnea treatment shouldn’t be sidelined because of nasal discomfort.

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