Central sleep apnea is a rare condition defined by a cessation or reduction in breathing throughout sleep due to issues with signals from the brain that manage breathing.

The signs of central sleep apnea are loud snoring, hypersomnolence (extreme daytime drowsiness), an uneasy sleep. The problem of excessive daytime drowsiness (mainly while driving, working, or talking) has developed slowly over the years and is visible to associates and buddies. Hypersomnolence and neurocognitive disruptions stand as a cause of a vehicle or work-related accidents in sleep apnea patients.

Other signs of central sleep apnea include gasping or choking throughout sleep, unrefreshing sleep, early morning headaches, daytime fatigue, personality changes, memory problems, impaired concentration, terrible judgment, mood disruptions, current weight gain, impotence, and polyurea.

The hypoxic and hypercapnic drives can be impaired by brain stem lesions or exposure to reoccurring hypoxia and hypercapnia, resulting in central sleep apnea. The stimulus to breathe instead from the cortex and reticular triggering system is lost throughout sleep, and the client stops breathing, the so-called “Ondine’s curse.” Central sleep apnea can likewise be caused by another rare condition of bilateral diaphragm paralysis, which typically happens as part of a general, neuromuscular condition; however, in many cases can result in respiratory failure before general weakness appears.
If you find yourself gasping or choking at night, please consult your physician, as this is a sign of a serious issue and can easily be treated once addressed.

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