Cleaning Your CPAP on the Go

For sleep apnea sufferers who work on the go, like semi-truck drivers or flight attendants, CPAP therapy takes a quite a bit of commitment above and beyond the more stationary CPAP users. They’ve got to take time to research the best travel sized option for their work, such as the Transcend CPAP machine. When it comes time to clean their CPAP equipment, another challenge must be squarely met. When you’re a member of a profession who travels every day, how are you supposed to find the time to properly clean your CPAP equipment? Makers of the SoClean 2, a CPAP equipment cleaner which sterilizes using the power of activated oxygen,  have created an answer to this problem: the SoClean 2 Portable CPAP Cleaner.

Forget the Chemicals and try Activated Oxygen

The SoClean Portable CPAP cleaner uses activated oxygen to interrupt and clear organic compounds. Activated oxygen made up of three atoms of oxygen, a stronger form of the simple two atom oxygen compound, is often used to purify water and clean hotel and food service equipment. The SoClean 2 breaks down the two atom form of oxygen so that these atoms may reform into the more potent three atom activated version. This activated oxygen works right away to sterilize CPAP equipment by clearing away fungus, bacteria, and grime from your very important treatment supplies.

Big Things in Small Packages

The SoClean 2 Portable CPAP cleaner is battery powered, using batteries you can pick up at any convenience store. It’s completely free of wires and easily fits just about anywhere. This lovely piece of equipment, weighs just above one pound and measures only 4 x 4 x 5 inches. That’s small enough to through in a tote bag or backpack and bring just about anywhere.

At, we’re devoted to solving all the challenges that may arise during CPAP therapy. If you’ve got questions about how to travel with your CPAP or which pieces of equipment is right for you, contact us today. We’ll ensure that you’re sleep apnea therapy continues despite any bumps in the road.