SoClean 2

Cleaning your CPAP equipment may seem intimidating at first, do you submerged everything in water? Will you break something if you do it wrong? Sometimes, keeping CPAP equipment clean can be so scary that sleep apnea sufferers give up their therapy altogether. We’d like to prevent that. Untreated sleep apnea is dangerous and may lead to serious health problems such as heart disease. If you’re hoping to find a quick and simple way to clean your CPAP equipment, you may be interested in the SoClean 2 CPAP cleaner.

Forget the Chemicals and try Activated Oxygen

SoClean 2 uses the power of activated oxygen to breakdown organic compounds. Activated oxygen is a stronger form of its original compound and is often used to purify water and clean hotel and food service equipment.

Everyday we breathe in oxygen made up of two atoms. This simple oxygen is the base for activated oxygen, which is made up of three atoms of oxygen. The SoClean 2 uses a generator to break down the two atom form of oxygen so that it may reform into the stronger three atom activated version. This activated oxygen gets to work immediately to clean your CPAP equipment.

How to Use the SoClean 2

To use the SoClean 2, just place your CPAP mask still attached to the hose into the vessel. There’ll be a special divot in the cleaner to accommodate the hose.

The motor in the SoClean 2 begins by running water containing activated oxygen into the vessel and through the mask and hose. This water collects in the reservoir or water chamber once it’s been used to do its job.

After five to fifteen minutes, the SoClean 2 has done its job and has sanitized not only your CPAP equipment, but the inside walls of the SoClean 2 as well. Allow your CPAP equipment to rest in the SoClean 2 for another two hours, so that it dries before attaching it back to your CPAP machine.

At, we recognize that CPAP therapy doesn’t always occur without challenges. Don’t let the fear of keeping CPAP machine clean and clear of mold, grime, and bacteria scare you from keeping up your medical treatment. Visit our site to purchase this seriously helpful product today and never skip a day of sleep apnea treatment.