What’s the Perfect Room Temperature for Sleep?

Struggling to get better sleep at night? You may need to lower your thermostat. A hot debated topic between couples since the invention of the thermostat, keeping a room at a lower temperature is probably the best option for fostering healthy sleep.

What Temperature is Ideal?

Research suggests that the best temperature for sleep is around sixty-five degrees Fahrenheit and as low as sixty-one degrees Fahrenheit for those of us who enjoy sleeping under a few blankets. We need these lower temperatures because our bodies recognize a drop in core temperature as a signal to initiate sleep. It gets colder outside, our temperature drops by one to two degrees, and our bodies begin releasing chemicals promoting sleep. Our homes are made to hold in heat and keep us warm even during the coldest of months, but without a drop in temperature we may struggle to catch some shut eye.

What if I can’t Control the Heat in my Room?

For apartment dwellers, you may not be in charge of the thermostat. Rather, you’ve got a bed next to a radiator that spits out heat all night long. This situation is similar to those living in hot climates without access to an air conditioner. How on earth are you supposed to stay cool when you don’t have any control of the temperature?

We suggest purchasing a cool mist humidifier and a fan in your bedroom. Together the mist will prevent you from drying out due to the strong nighttime heat and will keep you cool while the fan blows air around your room. You may also want to sleep with your door open so that air circulation is at its best.

If you’ve adjusted your room temperature and are still having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep at night, it’s might be time to see a physician. Are you snoring at night? Waking up with dry mouth or a morning headache? You may be suffering from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can contribute to fatigue and insomnia. Talk to your physician about visiting a sleep specialist, like our team at Advanced Sleep Therapy. There may be a simple solution to your sleeping troubles, we’ll help you find it.