CPAP Hose Guide and Hose Lift

Sleep apnea sufferers know that adapting to CPAP therapy can be a challenge to become accustomed to. Between the mask, the new somewhat noisy machinery, and the CPAP tubing, using your CPAP in the beginning can sometimes feel like preparing for deep sea diving. The clutter alone is a frustration, leaving many CPAP users looking for a solution to the bulk and disorder. If you’re one of the many undergoing continuous positive airway therapy and looking for a way to streamline your therapy, you may be interested in using a CPAP hose guide or lift.

How a CPAP Hose Guide Makes Sleep Easier

CPAP hose lifts work to suspending the tubing above the user’s head in order to cut out the hassle of moving around the hose while tossing and turning during the night. Normally, your CPAP hose lies below your bed or on your night stand, making it easy for you to sleep on one side yet a struggle to sleep on the other! The CPAP hose guide straightens the tubing and pulls it up over your head so that moving around during the night is unaffected by positioning.

Where to Find a CPAP Hose Guide

You can try a CPAP hose guide by purchasing one from a reputable medical supply company or sleep apnea specialty store. If you’re looking to create an even more comfortable sleep apnea treatment experience, try adding a warm air humidifier to your system and a hose warmer as well as ensuring that you’ve got a properly fitted mask.

If you’re having trouble finding a CPAP hose guide or the best accessories for your CPAP system, contact the team of specialized registered nurses, respiratory therapists, and physicians at Advanced Sleep Therapy for help. We’re a team dedicated to promoting adherence to sleep apnea therapy through comfortable CPAP use.