Storing Your CPAP Machine

Storing your CPAP machine may seem like a silly subject if you’re new to continuous positive airway pressure therapy to treat your sleep apnea but after some time with your CPAP machine, you’ll understand the importance of this subject. If you’ve got limited space near your bed or if you live in a city notorious for tiny living spaces like New York City, you’ll be looking for the best way to store your CPAP machine without losing too much precious space.

CPAP Shelves

If you have a little room next to your bed but no shelving space, you may be interested in a CPAP holder. These convenient little shelves work by sitting under your mattress and extending outwards to provide space for your friendly sleep apnea treatment device. These little space savers are a life-saver for those who value an aesthetically pleasing look to your bedroom and desperately need some space.

CPAP Machines with Small Profiles

On top of CPAP shelves, the medical supply companies responsible for the majority of CPAP machine innovation are continuing to create CPAP systems with smaller profiles making storage a breeze. Here’s some of our favorite sleek and slight CPAP machines:

  • Transcend Auto CPAP Machine with EZEX Pressure Relief This popular travel sized CPAP machine has all the features you’ll need for your basic sleep apnea treatment without any of the bulk associated with many machines. Weighing only one pound, this machine is small enough to store in a little tote for travel or just comfortably store on your nightstand.
  • Z1 Base System CPAP Machine The size of this CPAP machine is hardly comparable to any machine before it. Like the Transcend, this machine only weighs one pound. Better yet, it’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand! On top of it’s sleek profile, this CPAP machine is quiet-only reaching a volume of about 26 decibels.
  • AirSense 10 CPAP Machine is a top of the line CPAP machine with plenty of amenities like a ramp feature and available humidifier. Lightweight and easy to move, it’s slightly larger in size than the Z1 or Transcend but still only weighs one pound.

Still looking for the perfect CPAP machine? We can help. Contact the expert respiratory health care professionals at Advanced Sleep Therapy and we can walk you through finding your best fitting CPAP system. Don’t let space keep you from treating your sleep apnea. We’re ready to help.