For the outdoor enthusiast, sleep apnea therapy can feel like a life sentence. You want to travel, hike, and camp under the stars but without your continuous positive airway machine, you know that you’ll sleep restlessly or not at all. Lack of sleep is one thing, but the thought of going without your CPAP machine is another. You know that your CPAP machine keeps you healthy and prevents all sorts of serious illnesses, and you want to reap these benefits. But can you really live a life dedicated to the great outdoors while undergoing CPAP therapy?

CPAP Therapy Doesn’t Have to Keep You at Home

To the newbie CPAP user, your CPAP machine seems pretty confining. Your strapped into a virtual space helmet and tethered to the CPAP machine like it’s your spaceship. If you can remember that your machine is a really empowering tool, your treatment will be a lot easier to handle. Sleep apnea treatment gives you energy, health, and with new CPAP accessories like the Transcend Solar Battery Charger you’ll be gaining your freedom too!

The Transcend Solar Battery Charger

Somnetics is one of the most innovative CPAP companies around. They’ve created one of the lightest and user-friendly CPAP machines on the market. This groundbreaking and freeing piece of equipment, the Transcend Auto CPAP Machine makes travel not only possible but simple and exciting! No matter what your plans are, throwing the machine into your day bag is a perfectly good option. Weighing just under a pound, the Transcend Auto CPAP is one of the smallest CPAPs on the market.

The Transcend CPAP line works great with rechargeable batteries so it’s eco-friendly and, now that the company has developed a solar battery charger, you can seriously get off the grid. All you’ve got to do is spread out the solar panel and place it in direct sunlight. When you’re in an area with limited sunlight you’ll still be able to charge your Transcend batteries, you’ll just need to anticipate that it will take a few hours longer to fully charge. Lay it out, let it charge, and you’ll be living spontaneously in no time.

Tips for Camping With Your CPAP Equipment

If you’re headed outdoors for an overnight camping excursion, pack your CPAP equipment in a waterproof bag. The last thing you’ll want is to ruin an expensive medical device because of a little rain. We also suggest packing your CPAP machine and sleep apnea mask in a bag separate from your other camping supplies or clothes. This minimizes the the risk of introducing sand or dirt into your CPAP system. Bring a few bottles of distilled water with you while you camp if you plan to use a humidifier during the night. Ensure that you’ve packed a few clean towels so that you can dry out your humidifier after use each morning. Try using disposable CPAP mask wipes to clean your sleep apnea mask and put it away in protected in a clean towel or cloth bag.

You can purchase disposable wipes as well as all of the items in the Somnetics Transcend line at We believe that your sleep apnea diagnosis shouldn’t mean that your outdoor lifestyle is over. Visit our website today and we’ll help you get back on the trail.