Sleep apnea is a serious medical condition that drains the energy and health from your life. If you’re suffering from this sleep disordered breathing condition, you’re going without oxygen hundreds of times a night. Untreated sleep apnea increases your risk of developing all sorts of health problems that aren’t only inconvenient, they’re also deadly. Fortunately, continuous positive airway pressure can help. Successful treatment can be a challenge, but we’ve got a few tips for making sure that your CPAP therapy flourishes.

Your Sleep Apnea Mask’s Fit is Everything

If you’re experiencing air leaks, mask discomfort, or are continuing to snore at night, you’ve got problems with your sleep apnea mask’s fit. A properly fitted mask is the key to comfortable and effective CPAP treatment.

First, choose the correct mask. Nasal Masks are the most popular and often work well for those with facial hair. Because nasal masks cover a small surface area, they’re less likely to have air leaks caused by inconsistencies in facial shape or your beard. Nasal pillows are also a good option in these circumstances. However, if you’re dealing with high pressures or have trouble with air leaks, a full face mask paired with nasal cushions might be the best fit for you.

Always check your equipment’s user manual for tips on fit. Practice fitting your mask a few times before use, making sure that you also practice while laying on your side. Experimenting with your mask’s fit during the day will reduce your stress and frustration in the evening.

Take Advantage of CPAP Comfort Solutions

Whether you use nasal pads, a warm air humidifier, or aromatherapy with your CPAP treatment, don’t underestimate the value of comfort. Anything that makes your CPAP use more comfortable and encourages you to use it regularly shouldn’t be considered an extra part of treatment but an essential component!

For example, the addition of a warm air humidifier prevents the drying out and cracking of your nose, meaning you won’t be waking up sore or with a nasal infection. recommends all sleep apnea sufferers take advantage of the relief humidifiers provide.

Give Yourself and Your CPAP Time

You’re likely not going to be a CPAP expert the first night it’s sent to your home. Expect to have some struggles and moments of frustration during your first week or so of CPAP machine use. The only way to overcome these hurdles is stay the course and commit to solving any problems that arise. During the first few weeks, you’re sleep apnea mask and CPAP machine’s user manuals will be your greatest asset. You can also find help from other CPAP users online or from our experienced health care professionals at

Invest in Quality Sleep Apnea Supplies

When it comes time to buy a new sleep apnea mask or your very first CPAP machine, consider purchasing only from reputable sleep apnea supply retailers. is a American based  sleep apnea supply company who sells comfort solutions, sleep apnea masks, and CPAP machines of the highest quality. When you invest your hard earned income on trusted brands like Fisher and Paykel or Philips Respironics, your investing in your health above all else. Our team of sleep experts is standing by to make sure that your CPAP therapy goes as planned and is managed with care and comfort. Visit our online storefront today!