When you’ve got sleep apnea, a night of restful sleep may seem impossible. If you’re not receiving treatment for your sleep apnea, you could be waking up hundreds of times a night, even if you don’t remember it. These small awakenings, known as microarousals, add up and leave you feeling drowsy and forgetful come morning. Unfortunately, sleep doesn’t always come easy once you’ve began sleep apnea treatment. While continuous positive airway pressure therapy delivered via a CPAP machine is effective in treating the medical condition, it’s not always easy to begin. Many CPAP users struggle to find a comfortable and non-invasive CPAP mask. To solve this problem, Philips Respironics has created the DreamWear CPAP mask, a mask which they believe is perfect for promoting the rest sleep apnea sufferers deserve.

“The Closest Thing to Wearing No Mask At All”

The creators of the DreamWear CPAP mask boast that it’s the closest thing to wearing no mask at all. Built with soft yet durable silicone, it’s inventive design prevents contact with the bridge of the nose, preventing red mask lines in the morning, and a better field of vision. The DreamWear’s design is so sleek. You can fall asleep reading a book or watching a television show with an unobstructed view. DreamWear CPAP masks are customizable, available in three frame sizes and four nasal cushions. This ability to create the perfect fitting mask for yourself means that sticking to your CPAP therapy is easier.

Because the DreamWear CPAP mask is a nasal mask, it’s not for everyone. If you’re a mouth breather, you’ll need a full face mask like ResMed’s AirFit F10 CPAP mask available online here.

Find the Perfect Mask for You

Interested in learning more about the DreamWear CPAP mask or not sure which mask style suits you best? Contact the sleep specialists at Breatheeasycpap.com. We’re experienced health care professionals driven to promote restful sleep in those suffering from sleep apnea. Whether it’s the DreamWear or and AirFit mask, we’re dedicated to finding the best fitting mask for your sleep apnea treatment.