Why Do I Need to Replace My Supplies So Often?

While starting sleep apnea treatment is tough for some-finding the perfect fitting mask, getting used to the feeling of forced air, and looking for the best sleeping position are just a few challenges with those first few weeks of CPAP use-once most people have gotten used to continuous positive airway pressure therapy, the thought of going without their machine is terrifying. Yet, the bits and pieces which make up your CPAP system don’t last forever, and eventually, you’re going to need to replace parts in order to avoid a lapse in your therapy. How often will you need to replace your parts? What wear and tear indicates a need for replacement? Read on to find out.

Your CPAP Mask and Headgear

Your CPAP mask should be replaced every three months. Oils on your skin and moisture released from your airway when your breath erodes the quality of your mask and may lead to ineffective treatment. The pillows and cushion portions of your CPAP mask will be released more often, as often as twice per month. The headgear, or the part of your CPAP system which attaches the mask to your head is usually made with soft, stretching neoprene. This material is gentle and promotes comfortable CPAP therapy. However, neoprene degrades with constant adjusting and stretching and should therefor be replaced every six months.

Replace the Bits and Pieces Too

When keeping track of replacing parts of your CPAP system, don’t forget things like your tubing, which should be replaced every three months to decrease the risk of mold contamination and the breakdown of tubing material. CPAP filters need to be changed more frequently, about every two weeks for disposable filters. Gray reusable filters should be washed frequently and replaced every six months. If you’ve got a humidifier, the water chamber should also be replaced once every six months.

Invest in a Quality CPAP Machine

The CPAP machine itself hardly needs to be replaced as often as the other parts of the system. When properly cared for, your CPAP machine should last every five years. Check with your insurance company about how often they’ll help you pay for a replacement. In some cases, you may be able to obtain a new machine sooner.

When it’s time for you to replace your CPAP system parts, visit us at Breatheeasycpap.com. We’ve got replacement parts available without a prescription and are equipped to help you navigate your insurance plan to determine when you can obtain new supplies. We want your sleep apnea treatment to be as successful as possible. Let us help you purchase and manage your CPAP system for years to come.