Healthy Living Hand Hygiene COVID Tips for Busy People

Practicing dedicated hand hygiene makes good sense when it comes to fighting the spread of germs. Many of the common, and not so common viruses are transmitted from the hand to the ears, eyes and nose, and that is why surgical masks and disposable plastic gloves are items most commonly used as protection from COVID.

Hand washing is essential and it is even better if our hands are sanitized regularly. Killing germs during handwashing is effective only if you scrub thoroughly with soap and water for at least 30 to 60 seconds and if you pay close attention to cleansing the thumbs, fingertips, and fingernails.
For those of us in the workplace, in hospitals, schools, or attending to everyday demands, this advice makes hand washing necessary several times each day. Indeed, it can’t always be done and that is why additional and effective measures to fight germs are also in place. The use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer is an effective answer when soap and water are not available, due to their fast, germ-killing ability. The good news is: this type of hand sanitizer can be used anywhere, anytime and no water or rinsing is required.

Keeping a small 60 mL container of gel in your pocket or purse is peace-of-mind for people who can’t curtail their daily encounters with the public.
For best results use alcohol-based hand sanitizer as follows; apply product liberally (at least 3 mL), rub hands together, let hands remain wet with the product for 30 seconds.

If you travel, pack the 60 mL travel size. If you work in a health care facility, in restaurants, retail shops, salons, or any other service industry, bring in the 1L dispenser for you and other staff.

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