Advances in science and technology have reinvented how people live and work. The developments in 21st Century medical science have extended life span rates and eliminated a few of the illnesses that were as soon believed to be incurable.

Still, these modern miracles have disappointed in getting rid of two of the most problematic conditions that have afflicted humanity: tension and anxiety. No matter how many vitamins we take, or how many physical fitness programs we try … absolutely nobody can get resistance from life’s issues.

Another health problem that postures a challenge to medical science is the silent afflict of obesity. According to the U.S. Obesity Society, a minimum of 64% of Americans are overweight or now obese. The dramatic modifications in food intake or diet plan, the ease of transportation, and the modification of work into a more inactive activity have all added to the increase of weight problems.

Another significant aspect that has been left behind in the news is the truth that stress is a contributing cause of obesity. Food! You start to develop food yearnings as a way to relax your nerves and keep your mind off your issues for a while.

No surprise there is such as term as “home cooking.” Depressed people are more prone to give in to food yearnings. Studies reveal that a typical healthy person carries around about seven to ten pounds of hazardous waste. So, it is not tough to envision just how much waste obese people need to move around with. Other research studies expose that 10 percent of individuals who are overweight began overindulging as a method to get away from their stress and anxieties. The satisfaction of consuming had ended up being a method to block off all unfavorable thoughts and feelings.

Having a healthy mind and a healthy body is something that we cannot attain separately. Our ideas have a very huge influence on how our bodies feel. In some way, our bodies reveal our psychological and mental condition. Obesity, for that reason, could most likely be a sign of a more severe emotional and psychological issue.

Tension and anxiety, as indirect causes of overindulging and weight problems, must be addressed to avoid more severe health problems. To figure out whether you or an individual you know is being gradually drawn into a stress spiral, see if you have any of these stress symptoms:

High Blood Pressure
Memory loss
Low self-esteem
Nervous twitches
Changes in sleep patterns
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