Lessen the rate at which you snore!

When you are trying to lessen or stop the rate at which you snore, you need to limit the vibration of surrounding tissues in your throat and breathing passages

The vibration in your throat of your throat and other breathing muscles and organs is what causes your snoring sounds. If you are looking to stop, just stop the vibrations, or limit them. A throat spray often works well, so you should try that one out. It will tighten your throat so that you don’t get as much vibrations as you might have otherwise. There are lots of specially made dental appliances you can use when you are trying to stop snoring. Referred to as mandibular advancement splints, they cause your lower jaw to protrude slightly and pull your tongue forward in this way. Without the tongue to block you air passage, there should be no reason for you to snore.

There are lots of pharmacies in the areas all around you in which you can pick up medications that can help with your snoring. You don’t have to take everything they say in the commercials at face value; read the labels yourself and decide if it is the type that will work for you before using it.

CPAP machines, are actually useful in stopping snoring in your sleep. They have air pumps in their bases, as well as a device to absorb sounds. The pumps give you the air you need in regulated amounts and you get to sleep without snoring.
If your doctor prescribes a CPAP machine you might want to check out the popular ResMed AirSense

THE DREAM TEAM at Advanced Sleep Therapy consists of a team of Respiratory Practitioners, as well as an RN Nurse Clinician who will assist you in starting out with the proper CPAP treatment equipment right in the comfort of your home and then provide ongoing monitoring to your Doctor.

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