Not Worth the Risks: Obstructive Sleep Apnea

There’s a laundry list of consequences associated with untreated sleep apnea: high blood pressure, weight gain, diabetes, and serious cardiovascular events like stroke. Yet, illness isn’t the only problem associated with the sleep disorder. Obstructive sleep apnea, a medical condition in which your breathing is interrupted hundreds of times a night, may also be putting you at risk of injury during a motor vehicle accident, especially if you’re not receiving treatment.

Interruptions in Sleep Lead to Sleep Deprivation

Your body is smart. While you’re sleeping, your brain is standing guard. When the brain senses oxygen deprivation as a result of a blocked airway during, it alerts the rest of the body to the problem, forcing you to wake. These moments are usually short and you may not recall ever waking in the first place. These events are called “micro-arousals” and occur hundreds of times a night. Soon, you’re not getting enough sleep and are feeling exhausted and unable to focus during the day.

If You’re Not Treating Your Sleep Apnea, Driving is Risky

One study found that football players with sleep apnea had slower response times, meaning they’re not as efficient on the field. Researchers believe the same is true for us: untreated obstructive sleep apnea likely lowers our response times too. In fact, reports show that those suffering from the sleep disorder are more than twice as likely to suffer injury in a car accident. Having sleep apnea may even affect your commercial driver’s license. If you’ve got one for your job, you’ll likely need to prove that you’re receiving treatment for the condition.

To keep yourself safe, remember: if you’re feeling too tired to drive, don’t.

Ignoring Your Sleep Apnea Isn’t Worth the Risk

Death as the result of a motor vehicle accident is the leading cause of accidental injury fatalities. If you’re not treating your sleep apnea, you’re welcoming the risk of injury and the illnesses associated health complications. While starting treatment for sleep apnea may be intimidating at first, investing in continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP therapy, is worth the effort. Your physical well-being, career, and life all deserve treatment.

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