Protecting Your CPAP from Your Feline Friends

Cat lovers know that while our little furry friends can be a great source of joy, love, and entertainment, they sometimes add a level of frustration to our lives. Innately curious, cats look for opportunities to practice pouncing, sharpen their claws, and understand the nature of the world around them. Sleep apnea sufferers using CPAP therapy should be warned: protecting your CPAP system from your cat is an important task.

Your continuous positive airway pressure machine needs extra protection from your pets, especially cats. The noise, blowing air, and the movement of your CPAP tubing are all curiously interesting to a bored house cat. To protect your CPAP, keep water glasses away from the machine, if your cat likes to push things, your machine’s electronic components could be at risk of getting wet. All it takes is one little swipe from your cat to pour a glass of water on your machine.

CPAP tubing is another tempting part of the CPAP system. It’ whirs with sound as air passes through and swings back and forth while you adjust during the night. A feisty cat won’t wait long to put their claws into this very important piece of equipment. A hole in your CPAP tubing decreases the air pressures which your machine delivers to the mask and may make therapy completely ineffective. Protect your CPAP tubing by using a durable hose cover. Some hose covers also act as insulators and prevent rain-out, or being sprayed with water during the night, in CPAP systems using humidifiers.

You’ll find hose covers, along with many other quality CPAP supplies, at Not sure if you’re doing enough to protect your CPAP system from your pets? Contact the sleep experts online and get your questions answered. We know you love your pet and we love when successful sleep apnea therapy. Let’s work together to ensure both you, and your furry friends, are happy.