Sticking with Your CPAP Therapy: How AirView Keeps You Compliant

Keeping up with your CPAP therapy is just as important as beginning therapy in the first place. CPAP machines don’t cure your sleep apnea; instead they keep your airway from obstructing during the night through the delivery of a continuous flow of pressured air. Quit using your CPAP and you’re likely to experience the same symptoms you’d been dealing with before treatment such as snoring and daytime fatigue. Even worse, you’re again at an increased risk for developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Sticking with your treatment can be difficult at times, but with a caring team of health care professionals and using ResMed’s AirView system, you’ve got a better shot at staying compliant.

What is AirView?

Airview is a system of CPAP use measurement where your treatment data is stored “on the cloud” or virtually, online. Your physician, should you give them permission, is able to access this information from a distance, or in person if you bring the information to your health care appointment.

How Will AirView Keep Me Compliant?

Your physician will use the information gathered to address your CPAP usage and judge whether or not your therapy is effective. AirView helps keep your health care team focused on your treatment and able to easily address any concerns. Having more professionals on your side makes sticking to your treatment a team effort. The more you use your CPAP machine, the better your results. AirView encourages you to use your CPAP machine as prescribed and therefore prevent some of the life-threatening complications of the disease.

Which CPAP Machines Use AirView?

You will find ResMed’s AirView pre-installed on the AirSense 10 and AirCurve 10 CPAP machines. You’ll find these excellent, top of the line continuous positive airway pressure machines on our website at Contact us today to find the best sleep apnea treatment to suit your needs. We believe in comfortable CPAP therapy and are dedicated to making your commitment to treatment last.