Set Your Self Up For a Restful Night’s Sleep

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary for restorative sleep and set up for the proper use of your CPAP machine and CPAP supplies. More and more we are surfing our iPad’s and working on our laptops creating a “make-shift” office, taking away from the meaning of “rest”. Picking out your bedroom flooring, window coverings to the type of mattress you sleep on and your ultimate choice of the nightstand. The setup of your bedroom greatly contributes to the quality of your sleep health.

When shopping for your bedroom flooring you want to make sure you use a material that is complementary to the bedroom’s style but more importantly is comfortable to bare feet. For a safe landing pad, we suggest a soft area rug to provide warmth when exiting the bed. Make sure the rug extends at least eighteen inches longer than the size of your bed if you are placing the bed on top of the rug. You may choose to place it at the foot of the bed, or next to the bed to set the tone for a separate sitting area.  Experts suggest if you have a queen an 8’ x 10’ rug will work, for a King try a 9’ x 12’.

Choosing the right window coverings are also important for your CPAP and respiratory health as you want to keep allergens at bay and aid in keeping your CPAP machine running smoothly.  A nice window film is decorative, provides privacy and reduces UV rays. It is important to remember to clean it by gently wiping it down once a month. You can also install a PVC roll-up blind with a pleated fabric shade for extra privacy. Thermal insulated blackout curtains will help asthma and allergy sufferers and darken the room. Exposing yourself to outside light, even if it’s dim, interferes with the secretion of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin and will reduce your chances for a full night’s rest.

When it comes time to shop for your mattress you want to find one that accommodates your needs. Consider both your weight and size when selecting the type of mattress. Do you want an innerspring, pillow-top or specialty gel or foam mattress? Consider the height of your bed and how it correlates to your CPAP setup. Try to accommodate and make it blend in at the same time, all, after all, the CPAP machine is your ticket to a good night’s sleep. The Better Sleep Council recommends sitting on each mattress prior to buying to see how it accommodates you. I personally tried five mattress stores, over 20 mattresses and ended up purchasing online from a trusted source only after checking out the reviews and calling the manufacturer with my specific questions. A bit overboard, perhaps, but I have enjoyed this mattress for 6 years and would not buy any other type. Make sure of the retailer’s warranty and return policies before investing your mattress.  Our bodies are unique, our health concerns are each different but one thing we share in common is the need to be comfortable while sleeping with our CPAP.

The most important decision you will make for your bedroom is how to set up an area for your CPAP machine and supplies. Of course, having the right size nightstand is essential. However, with the CPAP Holders, CPAP Shelf  your CPAP machine can rest between your nightstand and bed freeing up more room on your nightstand for your personal needs. It is best to find a nightstand that has enough room for a lamp, clock, a drinking glass for water and a trinket or fun photo of a loved one.

You can purchase the CPAP Holders, CPAP Shelf without a prescription online at Breathe Easy.

Have fun planning your bedroom. Until next time, Better Sleep, Better Health, The Advanced Sleep Therapy Dream Team