Getting Started with Your CPAP

Sleep is critical to a healthy and balanced everyday life. If your physician feels that you might have obstructive sleep apnea you will be asked to undergo a sleep study to find out for sure. You will be asked to go to a sleep laboratory for one evening to be tested during your sleeping hours. If you are found to have sleep apnea a CPAP machine will be ordered for use at bedtime.

There are different types of CPAP machines. Your sleep specialist will understand your needs based on what your physician orders and interviewing you at the time of CPAP set up. Rest assured if you go through the Dream team at Advanced Sleep Therapy this CPAP will be the type of system that’ll provide you the outright most beneficial outcome.

It is imperative that you listen to your CPAP Respiratory Therapist and that you continually use the CPAP whenever you are resting. CPAP is truly a great help to assist those that are combating snoring. If you are brand-new to CPAP, you are most likely to discover the tips available to you from Advanced Sleep Therapy’s Blog very helpful. When choosing your CPAP Company it’s truly recommended to speak to your physician about his recommendation, as well as asking questions of the company to ensure that you have a “comfort level” with the company that will be providing your therapy.

Using a CPAP for your OSA will ensure you’ve started on the path to improving your wellness.

The Dream Team at Advanced Sleep Therapy consists of a team of Respiratory Practitioners, as well as an RN Nurse Clinician who will assist you in starting out with the proper CPAP treatment equipment right in the comfort of your home and then provide ongoing monitoring to your Doctor. Advanced Sleep Therapy located in Arlington Heights has been serving Chicagoland for over fourteen years. Their knowledge and experience in CPAP machines, CPAP humidifiers, CPAP masks, CPAP headgear and all cleaning and CPAP accessories is outstanding, which is what makes them JCAHO Gold Seal Certified providers.