Sleep Apnea is Not Just an Older Man’s Disease

When you picture someone with sleep apnea, you may very well be imagining an older man who is out of shape and probably carrying a few extra pounds. This assumption is reasonable as men are at a greater risk of developing the disease than women, and half of those suffering from the disease are overweight. Yet, ignoring the symptoms in yourself or a loved one because they don’t fit this “typical” mold is dangerous. Anyone can develop sleep apnea, a disease which contributes to heart disease and the development of other disorders like diabetes.

What About Athletes?

Athletes who may be required to gain weight for their sport, like football players and wrestlers, are at an increased risk of developing sleep apnea in part due to the increased weight found around their necks and chest. Still, you don’t need to be heavy to get sleep apnea. Even athletes known for their leanness and stamina can not only acquire the illness, but die from it. In 2010, a famous triathlon athlete died of a heart attack. The cause of this sudden infarction? Sleep apnea.

Women Suffer from Sleep Apnea Too

Women are sometimes overlooked in diagnosing sleep apnea because their symptoms may present differently. Fatigue and depression are more common in women and the may be less prone to snore. It’s a good idea for women to do a thorough look through their family’s medical history to see if anyone else has ever suffered from the disease. A woman who is snoring, feeling depressed, or experiencing high blood pressure should ask her doctor for a sleep study.

Even Children Can Have Sleep Apnea

Children with chronic nasal congestion or enlarged tonsils and adenoids are at a higher risk for developing obstructive sleep apnea. Snoring may be lighter than in adults, but other signs include bed wetting, difficulty concentrating at school, and frequent night waking. Although the signs are different in children, the consequences are the same.

CPAP Therapy is for Everyone

Whether or not you fit the mold of a typical sleep apnea sufferer, the treatment is the same. Once diagnosed, most health care providers will prescribe continuous positive airway pressure therapy via a CPAP machine. This treatment is painless and really effective in controlling the symptoms associated with sleep apnea as well as preventing the major consequences. carries hundreds of excellent sleep apnea treatment supplies from great brands like ResMed and Fisher and Paykel. We’ve also got a team of sleep specialists ready to help you start your treatment off on the right foot. Don’t delay treatment because you don’t feel like you’re the “normal” sleep apnea sufferer. Get treatment; your life depends on it.