As with most things, your sleep apnea supplies have a lifespan. The amount of wear and tear a person inflicts upon their CPAP machine and sleep apnea mask varies from one user to the next. For some, oils on their skin breakdown the mask more quickly, while others struggle with the elastic bands or velcro straps degrading on their headgear. Following your equipment’s instructions for use and remembering to clean your mask daily should increase the lifetime of your gear.

Watch for Cracks or Breakdown on Your CPAP Mask

Rather than replace your mask after a set period of time, try replacing your sleep apnea mask when it begins to show any telltale signs of aging. If you’re experiencing more air leaks at night or noticing cracks or discolorations to your CPAP masks padding or silicone, it may be time to find a new mask. Philips Respironics has a great table available on their website that explains the suggested CPAP machine equipment replacement schedule as well as Medicare’s schedule if you are curious. You may be surprised to find out that most insurances offer fairly liberal replacement schedules, meaning you may be eligible to purchase a fresh CPAP treatment mask every three months. Your CPAP machine itself is expected to last much longer, generally around five years.

Where Can I Send My Old supplies?

There are many places online claiming to get you cash for your old CPAP equipment. When you arrive at one of these websites, proceed with caution. At the very least, these sorts of sites can be financial scams but are sometimes even illegal. However, some sleep apnea sufferers say that they’ve had luck with Still, your safest and most generous option is to donate your sleep apnea machine to one the many sleep apnea charities on the lookout for them.

Former Football star Reggie White passed away in 2004, his death linked to Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Since his passing, his family has created a charity in his honor: The Reggie White Sleep Disorders Research and Education Foundation, Inc. Here, you can donate your old CPAP equipment so that all people can treat their sleep apnea regardless of socioeconomic status or insurance coverage. Another similar program is conducted by The American Sleep Apnea Association. Here you can easily donate or request help obtaining CPAP supplies.

What Matters Most When Replacing My CPAP Equipment?

Just before donating your old CPAP machine or sleep apnea mask, take time to evaluate your equipment’s performance. What did you like or dislike about your machine? Was it too loud or bulky? If so, you might want to consider purchasing a smaller, even travel sized CPAP machine such as The Transcend, which is available online.

Has your doctor recommended a change in your pressure settings? If you’re currently using nasal pillows and are anticipating an increase in your pressure levels, you may need to use a mask with fuller coverage. An Airfit F10 mask might be the best choice when looking to invest in a sturdy and effective sleep apnea mask. You can find either of these CPAP supplies at The health care professionals at this genuine online storefront are ready to help you choose your replacement sleep apnea treatment equipment today.