If you’re suffering from sleep apnea, you may have been told by your doctor that you need to start Continuous Positive Airway Pressure therapy via a CPAP machine. One look at  Breatheeasycpap.com and you’ll see that there is an abundance of mask styles to choose from. Full masks for high flow pressures and reliable coverage, nasal masks for freedom from claustrophobia …and nasal pillows?

What are Nasal Pillows?

Despite the strange name, nasal pillows aren’t so odd. Nasal pillows are a CPAP mask style used by many people who find themselves claustrophobic from the full face mask and are not pleased with the minimalism of a nasal mask. Nasal pillows work by creating a seal around your nostrils and are great for fitful sleepers or those who like to wear their glasses at night. If you’re a CPAP user with a lot of facial hair, you may also find that nasal pillows fit your face better than any other mask style.

Still, like everything else, there are drawbacks to nasal pillows. For example, if you’re a mouth breather or are prescribed a high-intensity pressure setting, nasal pillows are likely not for you. Another drawback is that some users complain of nasal soreness after using this mask style.

Nasal Pillow Irritation Causes

Irritation with nasal pillows often occurs as a result of dryness. The forced air delivered by CPAP machines might cause nasal congestion in all masks but is more likely to cause dry, cracking, and sometimes bleeding nostrils with nasal pillows. To address the issue, try using a warm-air CPAP humidifier with your system, or administer Ayr nasal rinse or gel into your nostrils each morning and evening. If the discomfort continues to be a problem or the soreness worsens, check in with your doctor to ensure that you haven’t developed an infection.

Other Tips for Managing Nasal Pillow Soreness

Before investing in nasal pillows, check to make sure that your prescribed air pressure is compatible with this style of mask. For some, high air pressures can cause not only cracking and nose bleeds, but it can cause dislodging of the pillows thus making the therapy ineffective. Read through your device’s manual when it arrives and double check the pressure capacity.

Ensure that your nasal pillows are the right fit for you. Not all sizes, brands, or nasal pillow seals work for everyone. If the seals at the base of the pillows are too large for your nostrils, you’ll find that your nose will get sore simply from putting on and removing your mask twice daily.

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