If your day to day life were a house, sleep would be the foundation. From the moment you wake, the quality of your sleep impacts every action you make. Sure, you can try to fill your day as happily and productively as possible, but if your sleep is lacking, you might as well be installing beautiful brick walls on top of broken stilts.

A few days ago, I had lunch with a friend who couldn’t say enough about the amazing changes in her life brought about by starting sleep apnea treatment.

“CPAP therapy has changed my life,” she said. “It’s like I started a chain reaction.”

 As a health care professional, I knew it to be true. Having your sleep apnea treated is only the beginning of getting your health and your life back in working order.

 There are pages and pages of evidence showing just how much of an impact sleep apnea treatment can make. First, you stop snoring. Your spouse sleeps better and you’re relationship is just the littlest bit easier. The continuous oxygen supplementation provided by your CPAP machine ends hypoxemia, the periods of oxygen deprivation you’ve been experiencing hundreds of times every night, meaning you’re waking up less often to starting breathing again.

 “I’m sleeping through the night again, it’s amazing,” said my friend, adding one more word about her therapy.

Sleep Apnea Treatment Prevents Serious Illness

 Sleep apnea treatment is the butt of a lot of jokes. From Modern Family to The Office CPAP masks can be found in great physical comedy acts. However, the awesome health benefits of treating your sleep apnea are no joke.

 Untreated sleep apnea increases your risk for insulin resistance, the cause of Type 2 Diabetes. CPAP machine use helps prevent dramatic cardiovascular changes that lead to high blood pressure and stroke. CPAP therapy even helps protect against kidney disease and obesity.

Sleep Apnea and the Obesity Issue

Now, CPAP machines are not themselves weight loss regimens, and it would be dangerous to use them for this purpose alone. However, there is evidence that long term sleep apnea does lead to obesity. CPAP therapy improves sleep and this improved rest decreases insulin resistance occurrences and improves imbalanced hormones that could be contributing to your obesity. It’s hard to eat healthy and exercise when your sleep apnea is causing abnormal exhaustion every day! Since losing weight improves sleep apnea, we suggest that you try starting an exercise and diet routine once CPAP therapy has improved some of that daytime exhaustion.

Finding Your CPAP Machine

With hundreds of CPAP mask options, machine styles, and sleep apnea management accessories available, how are you to know where to start looking for your equipment? We suggest that you begin by asking your doctor to suggest the styles that they recommend for your individual treatment. Next, invest in a highly acclaimed and superior CPAP supply retailer. The health care professionals at BreatheeasyCPAP.com believe that comfortably treating sleep apnea can start a health and happiness chain reaction in your life. Stop by their online storefront today, I know you’ll like what you find.