Avoiding Rain Out with Climate Line Tubing

Like many sleep apnea sufferers, you have likely begun continuous positive airway pressure therapy as simply as possible. You’ve picked up a CPAP machine and a mask, then plugged it in. Yet, after a few nights of this, you may begin to feel dry and some sinus congestion. The solution is using a CPAP humidifier as part of your system which can be purchased quickly at Breatheeasycpap.com.

The moist heated air created by a CPAP humidifier prevents dry mucous membranes and nasal congestion and helps CPAP users stay committed to their therapy. However, the humidifier isn’t without its own set of challenges. Sometimes, water from the humidifier is deposited in the CPAP tubing and later blows abruptly into your nose or face, a phenomenon known as “rain out.” This occurrence is uncomfortable and may make you want to give up treatment altogether.

What Causes Rain-Out?

When your CPAP machine is set to deliver at too high of a setting, water might condensate inside of the airway tubing. When you shift during the night, rain out may occur. The wetness from rain-out makes users feel like they’re choking every time this occurs. If not corrected, rain-out prevents sleep, causes frequent waking, and contributes redness or chapping around the face.

Climate Line Tubing Prevents Rain Out

Covering your tubing by using a product like Comfort CPAP tubing makes a world of difference in decreasing instances of rain-out. This velour cover warms the CPAP tubing so that heated water from the humidifier doesn’t condesate along the line. Other tubing has been specifically created to work with heated humidifiers. ResMed ClimateLine Tubing conducts heat and works actively to prevent condensation and rain out.

Purchasing superior CPAP supplies may seem like a luxury at first, but these amenities, like ClimateLine tubing and heated CPAP humidifiers, makes sticking to your treatment comfortable and easy. As physicians, nurses, and respiratory therapists at Breatheeasycpap.com, we understand the importance of enjoyable sleep apnea treatment and would love to help you get the restorative sleep you deserve.