What is the TSA Pre-Check?

Traveling has the potential to be a headache for just about everyone, but when you’ve got sleep apnea and are traveling with your CPAP machine, traveling has a whole separate headache. At Advanced Sleep Therapy, we suggest enrolling in the TSA Pre-Check in order to prevent long wait times before your flight. CPAP users have had great luck with enrolling in this program.

The TSA, or The Transportation Security Administration is part of the United States Homeland Security and is in charge of keeping you safe at the airport and in the skies. They use screening methods, hi-tech equipment, and searches to ensure that no one who enters secured gates and flights have dangerous intentions.

Enrolling in the TSA’s Pre-Check program makes screening before your flight easier. You’ll usually be able to keep your belt, light jacket, and shoes on while not needing to remove your laptop and open up your carry-on bag before your flight. CPAP users with this perk say that they never have to open their carefully packed and organized CPAP storage bags only to have security officer tea them apart. Instead, they’re able to walk through a much shorter security line and travel sooner.

How to Enroll in TSA Precheck

Unfortunately, beginning February 2017, the TSA states that the number of enrollable persons in this program will be decreased. It’s still worth trying to enroll now, and you can so by visiting TSA.gov/precheck. You can submit an application and if it’s approved by the Department of Homeland Security, you’ll be provided with an ID number. Keep track of this ID as you’ll want it available when you’re purchasing your tickets.

Traveling with Your CPAP

When traveling with your CPAP, considering purchasing a travel-sized machine if you’re frequently on the move. We suggest the Transcend Travel Sized CPAP or the HDM Z1. Both of these machines are quiet, small, and durable for travel. You’ll find other great travel ready CPAP options on our website at Breatheeasycpap.com. Travel is a rich and fulfilling part of the human experience. Don’t let your CPAP therapy get in the way of your next vacation. Enroll in the TSA’s Pre-Check program and get in touch with one of our sleep specialists if you’ve got questions about traveling with your CPAP.