The Inestimable Mind with Music

Music is the manifestation of the human spirit, similar to language. Its most excellent practitioners have conveyed to humanity things not possible to say in any other language. Suppose we do not want these things to remain dead treasures. In that case, we must do our utmost to make the most significant possible number of people understand their idiom.
Music has immense power in it. With Music, one can get “amped up” or “mellowed out;” Music can soothe, arouse, amuse, irritate, and delight us. Music for the Mind is an exclusive auditory stimulation program using rich and obscure Digital Music.

Digital Music offers an exclusive and powerful opportunity for promoting active listening for several reasons. First, all the Music is improvised, which gives it a free quality. At the same time, the unusual harmonic and rhythmic structures cause the brain to be attentive dramatically.

With repeated listening, the language of the Digital Music starts to reveal itself. Yet, we constantly encounter slight twists and turns that prevent the mind from placing the Music into a known format.

Since auditory stimulation programs are often created to move us from where we are stuck, digital Music seemed particularly well suited for our purpose of encouraging active listening.

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