Work those inner muscles out. Exercise cures snoring.

You know you snore.
Someone has told you that you do.
And you’ve desperately been scouring for any possible cure for your snoring. But, before finding any solution, you need to get to the bottom of why snore – it’s a standard operating procedure, and that’s how science experiments become successful. Snoring is primarily caused by having an obstruction in the air passage. This obstruction causes air to vibrate against the soft tissues, thus, producing the vibratory sound.

Five major types of obstructions that result in snoring

As people age, and even those who inherited an exceptionally oversized tongue, the tongue gets flabby. It drops backward during sleep, causing a partial or total block. On the other hand, the soft palate collapses or sags as the muscles around that area relax during sleep, causing a blockage. Obese people tend to snore more than those in their ideal weights because fats accumulated around the neck narrow the air passage. Exercise cures for the snoring of these types will be discussed below.

The anatomy of one’s nose is also a cause of snoring. For example, some people have a deviated septum (the cartilage dividing the nose), resulting in an uneven nasal passage that contributes to snoring.
Enlarged (or inflamed) tonsils and adenoids are also a factor in why people snore.

Exercise cures for snoring

Before dealing with the medical ways (not to mention expensive ways) and depending on what’s causing you to snore, it’s always rewarding to try the inexpensive home remedies for snoring first. In addition, there are several popular exercise cures for snoring.

To hold the soft palate in place during sleep, you may try these exercise cures for snoring.
This particular exercise will show you how to strengthen your muscles and clear your airways. Begin by putting your upper and lower molars together. Then open your mouth as wide as possible (but don’t stretch) with your molars pressed.
Repeat this exercise 10 to 20 times.
Also, pucker your lips and hold them in this position for 10 seconds and relax. In addition to these exercise cures for snoring, try spreading your lips into an exaggerated smile and saving for a few moments, then relax. You can also combine the last two exercise cures for snoring.

These tongue exercise cures for snoring might also help reduce your incidence of snoring.
Stick your tongue out straight ahead (make sure it doesn’t go sideways) and farther each day as you progress. Another tongue exercise cure for snoring can be done by sticking out your tongue the farthest you can and trying to reach out for your chin.

The important thing in these exercises cures for snoring is to work on the muscles around the throat area and the tongue so they don’t become saggy and cause an obstruction.
For anything else, like anatomical irregularities, ask for any advice from your doctor.

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