Why Track My Sleep Apnea Treatment?

If you suffer from sleep apnea, you probably know that it’s a condition which causes snoring but, more importantly, episodes of breathlessness during the night. These moments without oxygenation cause weight gain, high blood pressure, memory loss, and concentration problems. Treatment of your sleep apnea is an essential part of preventing and putting a stop to the progression of these life-threatening complications.

Most health care providers look to continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP therapy, to treat your sleep apnea. It’s painless, effective, and, to your partner’s relief, it stops snoring immediately. CPAP machine technology is consistently improving, and some of the new CPAP machines being released, like the ResMed AirSense 10, use data trackers to collect information of your CPAP therapy. Some of these newer machines even come with sleep tracking apps to make controlling and paying attention to your treatment a breeze.

Why Would My Healthcare Provider Need Information from My CPAP?

The data collected during the night while you’re using your sleep apnea machine includes the pressure needed to keep your airway unobstructed, the number of breaths you’ve taken, the number of apneic episodes you’ve experienced during the night, and the time between these events. Most new CPAP machines will send information to your smartphone device so that you can give this information to your healthcare provider who’ll evaluate the data received. Your physician will ensure that you’re receiving the adequate level of care needed to prevent sleep apnea episodes and the conditions complications.

Check your CPAP machine’s manual to find out what sort of data collecting is available. CPAP manufacturer’s like HDM and Philips have created smartphone apps for their models. You can search for these in your smartphone’s application store under Sleepmapper and Nitelog.

 Showing Compliance with Your Sleep Tracker

In order to receive replacement parts for your CPAP machine, your insurance company may require you to prove compliance with your sleep apnea treatment. Usually, this means that you can prove that you have worn your CPAP machine for at least 4 hours every day. Smart CPAP machines like the AirSense 10 Elite is just one of the options to track your data that you can easily send your usage information to your provider or insurance company.

If you’re not sure whether or not your current machine has data tracking capabilities or you’d like to make sure that you purchase the correct CPAP machine, get in touch with us here at Breatheeasycpap.com. We’ll ensure that you get your money’s worth and the CPAP machine with all the amenities you need.